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No time for social media, nor good results?

– Allow us to handle it for you.

Old way

Media content curation is a time consuming activity, specially for small business owners who need to split their time into all different kinds of tasks. Leaving this into hands of a specialized team of researchers, advertisers and graphic designers will guarantee the production of highly engaging media posts, while freeing your time for performing better on your duties.

Moon way

We research

High-quality content curation starts from an organized and well-structured research method, willing to guarantee trustable sources for the publications that your brand will distribute, and forge a strong reputation for itself.
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We produce

We guarantee aesthetics, brand visual guidelines, creativity, deadlines copywriting and canvas measures, which are essential elements to count when producing engaging posts; doing so will make easier to communicate the message to your audience.
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We publish

Spreading out content on networks at the proper time is essential to get the most of the traffic and to engage followers.
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Price and hiring as you need it: right away!

Smooth hiring

Bye bye uncertainty, hello business control.

Simple price structure

Felt like you are spending too many days in asking and waiting for markets proposals? We give you the price as you need it: upfront, so you can take informed decisions in no time.

Cristal-clear service description

We know social media budgets are intricate. But we are not: our services are grouped into easy to understand categories, so you can easily learn what you are getting from your investment.


Do you need 100 additional GIF publications next month? Want to stop all promotional posts during vacations? You got it. Increase or decrease the amount of hired services anytime.

No attachments

Stop services any time you want. Get onboard again if desired. No 12-month contracts legal obligations, nor large retainers attachments! Go as you need.

Plus state of the art project management

Improving productivity in communications.

Calendar of future publications

Review and share feedback on the calendar of upcoming publications before approving it for being published.

Archive of past publications

Access to the archive of past post releases any time needed, so you can check all media assets we produced.

Montly reports

Get to know how the services you hire are performing on your business social networks, so you can further calculate the return on your investment.

Content review

Do you need your partner, employee, marketing team or contractor to participate in content review? Share feedback on the calendar of publications prior to approving posts for being on the air.

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Allow us to manage your social media content, release more time on what you need to do: growing your business.
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